So no sooner does Rich start posting again, when Rich appears to leave you high and dry again. But this isn’t the case! Let me tell you the story:

As you may know, one of the reasons I leave great gaps in my posts is because I get busy with actual contracted work. Now, I had a few weeks where I was done a contract, and have already signed the next contract which I will start at the end of August. So I took some time to jump in and start drawing my heart out on YAFGC -not JUST because of a sense of duty to you, my beloved readers, but also because I love the world so much and I miss the characters terribly. And the storywriting.

Now, we also have booked a trip to visit family in another city, so I’m going to be flying out tomorrow morning and wont’ be back in town for 2 weeks. During which I seriously doubt I’ll be able to scan and upload whatever else I might get to draw while I’m away.

ALSO: Since I’m between contracts, it seemed that this was the only time when I could actually reasonably afford to be without a computer for a day or two, so I took this past week or more to start some badly needed renovations, re: ripping out the old 50+ year old carpeting (which is full of dust and bugs and rotten food and cat excrement) , clean the floor and put in some laminate. Which is now done. Now I’m in the process of sorting out the huge mess that is ALL MY STUFF and putting back what I want while chucking out what I no longer need.

All that to say that in all probability, there won’t be any YAFGC updates for the next two weeks. But I’ll try. I plan to bring some stuff to draw with and get some more strips done. I do start my new contract almost as soon as I get back from my trip, but I’ll make a point to upload what I’ve got and hopefully find a way to keep the trend going.

Bear with me folks!

-Rich “BK” Morris