Overall thanks go to Hilary Doda, webmaster, editor and muse.

Some of the characters appearing in YAFGC, both as cameo roles and semi-regulars, had their origins elsewhere. Some are real people I wanted to honour, some are cultural icons of one form or another, some are characters from games I have played in or run over the years. All of them owe their existence in YAFGC to the fun we’ve had together over the years, and the memories we’ve made. Please join me in thanking them for letting me share our good times with you!

Real People

The Ghost Hunters (Strips 833 – 840) The Atlantic Paranormal Society
Audition Judges (Strips 1035 + 1037) American Idol (Randy Jackson, Paula Abdul, Simon Cowell)
Lady Marion of Heatherdale (Strips 1053 – ?) Heather Dale
Ben the Dwarf (Strips 1053 – ?) Ben Deschamps
Baron Robert Grayfort (Strips 843 – 849) Rob St. Martin
Baroness Rosalind (Strips 718 – 721) Donna Flood
Thomas the Bard (Lots, starting with Strip #543) Kashim

Literary Caricatures

Giacomo, the King of Jesters FromĀ The Court Jester, starring Danny Kaye
The One Ring FromĀ Lord of the Rings, by J.R.R. Tolkein

Tabletop Campaign Characters

AD&D (Generic)
Character Player
Lucky Eddie Mark Jensen
Character Player
(GM) Fahri “Biff” Kilic
Sven Jaan Kukk
Jamal Dave McBride
Minotaur Bait Marc MacKay
Duncan Mark Jensen
Character Player
Shawn of Shallmar Rob St.Martin
Vanessa of Sogren Vell Hilary Doda
Dagmar Jessica Fox
The Quest for the Thirteen
Character Player
(GM) Rob St.Martin
Edrimore Dave McBride
The Blood of Coritanus
Character Player
Cassandra of the Book Hilary Doda
Uther Lightbringer Mike Monroe
Druggum Goldhelm Clayton McFarlane
He’Tano Tom Brosnan
Firefur Graham Johnston
Pendragon: Brotherhood of the Raven
Character Player
Lady Sidonie of Falconheim Hilary Doda
Sir Aeden Ian Bourgeault
Adwen the Cruel Brooke Stewart
Arnora Trisha House
Character Player
Giovanna di Maderno Hilary Doda