Three months later: An UPDATE! After all, today is my birthday. I’m 54!

Yeah, this contract is BRUTAL. And I’m not sure why exactly this one is different from others. Maybe I’m getting old and slow.

Do any of you remember a thing called a “Long Weekend”, where a holiday happens and you get an extra day off and can use it to do stuff like catch up on other projects, or hobbies, or visit friends/relatives, or go on trips? I haven’t experienced this in a very long time. Deadlines don’t change and I’m glued to my tablet all the time. Near deadlines I’ve even done more late-nighters than I’ve done on any other contract I’m sure. 2:00 AM isn’t unusual.

Anyway. I thought I’d treat myself on my birthday by actually posting a strip I drew some time ago.

Hope you’re all okay. I’m alive and kicking. Family’s fine, still employed. But therein lies the issue. Employment is harder than it used to be, but I’ll chime in when I can. Thanks for sticking around! 😀

BTW: Those of you who have stuck around since the early days may remember that I used to have a tradition, I’d try to make sure that any strips that landed on my birthday would have something really fun to draw in it. Usually bare boobs. Well, this strip wasn’t created with my birthday in mind. But an old friend came ’round to help out.

Arachne Flashing 

-Rich “BK” Morris