Can you believe it??? Another update!!

-Rich “BK” Morris


So, I’ve been neglecting the site again. And so here’s another attempt to make good and let you all know that I’m alive and well. As is probably pretty standard, I’ve been busy with a contract, a contract that has been extended beyond what it was originally supposed to be with a typically unknown future. When it will end, I’m not sure. What comes next? I don’t know. It has, however been very very very VERY very stressful, even more than other contracts I’ve had in the past.

As a result I’ve been heads-down, ignoring other things like hobbies and contacts and things to keep me focused and trying not to freak my ADD brain.

HOWEVER, I’ve recently come to the conclusion that things like YAFGC are actually theraputic for me and I really want to keep drawing these characters and posting my stories. So as of tomorrow, I’ve got a whole bunch of new drawn strips continuing the story. Tomorrow there is an update all ready to go. Thank you for staying with me even after all this.

Love you all.