Reader “Hee Fone” asked for a family tree of some of the characters in YAFGC. And I considered the request and weighed it against the veritable mountain of backstory and historical notes I’ve got here, plus the gaps in continuity. And I thought, I’ll give it a try. So for a start: Here’s Maula and Glon’s family tree as Glon currently understands it. It’s not hugely helpful, I don’t think. But you can make of it what you will. It is subject to alterations as understanding and history become more clear and developed. So ‘don’t quote me on this’, or at least, don’t hold me to it ten years down the road.
-Rich “BK” Morris
The Bloodhand Family Lineage

And if you thought that was confusing, try THIS ONE! Lucas’ line of Greyforts.
Barons and Dukes of Greyfort

And here’s what Cadugan knows of his family lineage.
Flannet's Adventures

Clover and the Firelight family, not so exciting.
The Firelight Family