I officially have a YAFGC patreon!
More apologies for inconsistencies and my distancing. Had a lot of stuff happen all at once. Good stuff, mind!
As you know I’ve now got a Patreon, and thanks to that and the generosity of many of you, I was able to order myself a new tablet that arrived just last week! I had to take some time to get it all installed and stuff, but I got it.

AND… it arrived only two days before the ole’ animation studio contacted me to start storyboarding for them! I had my launch meeting yesterday, so now I’m all nestled at home with some decently paid TV work to do!! I’m only on this one episode for five weeks, but it’s going to be a huge help to my self confidence, my portfolio, my finances…
And I was only able to take the job offer because of the mighty convenient timing of the arrival of the new tablet.

So thank you, my beloved readers. For reading, laughing, commenting, donating most generously, supporting (with money or just with being here with me), for my beautiful new tablet and for my new contract. You guys are the best.

-Rich “Beholder King” Morris