So it occurs to me that the timing of this (and, forgiving spoilers) the next few strips, depicting white characters committing violent acts towards a giant black woman, is quite tasteless and upsetting to me. Even if it didn’t occur to any of you, I’m a bit saddened by how this played out.
My intent in making Ranna a woman was just the fact that I wanted twins and chose female rather than male to appeal to players in a D&D campaign many years ago (the priestess character was a woman and I thought Ch’Thier and her sister should also be female to make them more personal to her). My intent on making them black was simply that I wanted to cast more black characters in positions of power in YAFGC in a conscious attempt to help normalize it. Eric I is a D&D character I played many years ago and is white because he’s a heroic fantasy for myself (and I’m obviously white too).

I couldn’t predict that the scene of Eric I, a white man, attacking Ranna, a black woman, would be published at a point when the US is burning with racist/anti racist protests. I’m so sorry and please believe that my message was intended to be one of equality and respect and that this played out the way it did to be the logical part of the story at the point when it happened. I’m so sorry.

Rich BK Morris

******June 4th Edit******
Thank you all for responding and the kind words. I promise you that I have (and am continuing to read) all of your replies and I appreciate all the words of support. I sadly don’t have time to reply to all of them, and if what you say just warms my heart or relieves my concerns, consider my to have said 🙂 or thank you. All of you are important to me (Even Guesticus).
If I feel something you’ve said warrents a more personalized reply -or if I have time to do so- I will. But if I’m unresponsive, please don’t take that as a snub. I promise I read and appreciate you all.

But primarily: Since black readers, women, and members of the LGBT community have all said “It’s all good, we love your stuff”, then I feel I’m doing okay.

Thank you for reading, and supporting.