If you’re reading this as I post this, then it’s to let you know. If you’re reading this as of Friday morning, then it’s an explanation.

There’s no update for Friday, March 6. This isn’t hugely unusual in itself, I’m late with updates reasonably often. But the reason for this one is unusual. I’ve stumped myself.
The strip I had planned is a biggie. And I’ve already made three attempts at it and rejected much of what I’ve done so far. This is, as most of you know, a rather big and complex story arc involved a bajillion zillion characters and I’m trying to find a way to do most of them justice as well as keep the story flowing and so I’m doing something now that I almost never do for YAFGC strips. I’m planning it out carefully. I’ve created myself a couple of cheat sheets for current character locations, storypoints and timelines and now I’m at that most hated of stages…. scripting.

Yes, I think I’ll be scripting some of this one. So please be patient, I’m working on it. It’s important as it’s the beginning of the final leg of this massive Rannite story and I want it to pay off.

Thank you!
-Rich “BK” Morris