And we’re back! WHEW!

Sorry about the scare gang, Ole’ YAFGC’s apparently been giving the Dreamhost servers a bit of a workout apparently, but they discovered that Cloudflare was already installed on the site and…. they reactivated us. It took me a little while to get their attention as I had trouble logging in to my Dreamhost account and then trying to find time between dayjob and nightjob to address the issue…

Anyway, we’re back and I’ll upload new strips as soon as I can (I’m typing from my latop during  a lunch break in my cubicle riding on the guest wifi from the Subway’s restaurant next door!).

Thanks for sticking with us and here we GO!

-Rich “Beholder King” Morris

BTW: Anyone out there know how to edit WordPress themes? The one I’m using is starting to… decay, I think, hence the mysterious broken jpg at the top of the home screen and the weird reorganized chapters in the archives, among other issues. I’m going to keep struggling with it when I can, but if anyone has any insights, do please let me know.

UPDATE June 14, 2022

Hey. Still here. Still wiped. I’m carrying a little folder around with the next strip in it, all roughed out, waiting for a chance to clean it an scan it. I’ve just been way too busy with my two jobs. I’m still alive, still okay. Just… double employed and forseeably so until September. I’ll get strips done when I can, but it’s a struggle for the moment, so please bear with me. You’re awesome!

-Rich “BK” Morris