Okay code people. I need your brains.
On my screens at least, I’ve lost the logo. It’s been gone for a long time. Just above the header bar there’s a little broken jpg symbol and for some time now I’ve been trying to fix it. Now, I’m not a coder, I’ve been using the WordPress theme customizer and it’s not working for me. There’s a ‘change logo’ tab that allows me to select a new logo jpg and -theoretically- replace the one that’s there now. But switching images does nothing. I’ve checked the code from the broken jpg image and -despite having been changed several times in the customizer- it’s still calling the old logo. Weird thing is, looking at my FTP client, the image it’s trying to call is still there where it’s trying to call it from. So I don’t know a) why it’s not showing up. b)why it won’t accept new information which, according to the code in the customizer, appears to be trying to insert the new and proper image code like it’s supposed to.

I’ve even gone to the wayback machine and checked the code on the old snapshots where the logo is still showing up properly, and it’s not changed at all (except that it’s rerouted through its own archives instead of calling the image from my own web space).

I’m stumped and unqualified to start rewriting this. Any ideas what might cause it to bork?
-Rich “BK” “Not a code guy” Morris.
OKay so I did a bit more poking and thinking based on your wonderfully helpful comments and I’m concluding that the problem IS indeed the certificate change, and the security addition of the s at the end of fttp. Back when we uploaded the original graphics and things YAFGC was an http:// site and just a few years ago WordPress shut me down until I’d updated my site to httpS://.
The change indeed appears to matter on some browsers and not others. Because, like a lot of you, I have no problem seeing the title graphic in something like Microsoft Edge (which I refuse to use regularly) and it’s broken in Chrome (which I use regularly).

I have tried removing the logo and uploading a different one, which didn’t work because the code is set in the interface of WordPress that I’m using. I can’t just opening the site and code it because I haven’t got a freakin’ clue what I’m doing. There’s simply waaaaaaa-aaaaaaaaaaaaaa-aaayyyy too much of it to sift through to find that one little thing. So the problem is basically WordPress’ interface. Oddly anywhere else on the site I make edits and upload images (like the thumbnail I made for the Fang game) are not a problem. It’s JUST that one logo spot at the top of the page. The one I was hoping to modify at the end of this chapter.

I guess the next step is to try to contact WordPress and explain to them what’s going on. Thank you for your help people! You’re the best!
-Rich “BK” Morris