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3418: Another Wonderful Day

EDIT EDIT: Here’s a link to a Christmas cartoon I made with Ben, Heather Dale and S.J.Tucker for a Yule concert they did! Happy Holidays!
Krampus Loves Music

To all those who Celebrate, MERRY CHRISTMAS! And to all those who celebrate other holidays at this time, HAPPY HOLIDAYS! And to all those who aren’t celebrating anything in particular, hope you’re having a great week and have a great weekend!
This strip came to me while I was driving and listening to some old SF/Fantasy soundtrack remixes, and one of them was one I use a lot while getting inspired for YAFGC, but they’d laid in some jingle bell sounds which turned it all sort of Christmassy for me. So with some fond YAFGC nostalgia, I dreamed up this… monster.

It is a sequel/follow up to this strip:
0567: A Wonderful Day
And makes a contrast with how their lives were going then with how things are going now.

There’s a LOT to unpack in this comic, and I suspect a lot of you will be confused. So I’ll lay in a commentary right here to try to clear some of it up for you.

Panel 1: Charles Hunter and Louis Steward wait in a high tower, watching the path in the snow.
Panel 2: Charles spots something approaching and points it out!
Panel 3: A large wagon rides up to Castle Greyfort, the guard from the front gate escorts it in.
Panel 4: From the covered wagon, Glon waves to Lucas and Cadugan. Cadugan’s little fox peers around from behind Cadugan’s legs.
Panel 5: Lucas helps Maula Bloodhand out of the wagon while Cadugan helps little Princess Lucca. Glon and Gaggia are carrying large packages into the Castle.
Panel 6: The whole Bloodhand clan enter the Castle, as well as Queen Hogga! They are introduced by Lucas and Cadugan to Flannet and Charles Hunter, and the visiting Stewards (In the fg you can see Philippa and Louis).
Panel 7: Greetings and warm embraces continue.
Panel 8: Gaggia and Cadugan watch amused as the Fox romps with the Orc children.
Panel 9: Lucas and Cadugan meet Blan Smitharm, his wife and their daughter at the side door. Master Blan Smitharm is, of course, Lucas’ natural father, and Glon’s adopted father. His wife, Chikka, is his trophy wife, and they have a daughter, Martha.
Panel 10: Glon meets one of his childhood friends at the door, Delman O’Mason, his wife Leslie, and their two children, Stoan and Tawnie.
Panel 11: Glon meets his other childhood bestie, Marty FitzGrey and his boyfriend Sebastian Sherry.
Panel 12: Chikka Smitharm coos over Gaggia’s pregnant belly while Stoan O’Mason rushes to join and hang out with the older kids, Charles and Louis.
Panel 13: Tawnie O’Mason joins the littler Orc kids as they chat and pet the fox.
Panel 14: Charles shows off some of his fencing skills while Martha, Louis and Stoan are amused.
Panel 15: Maran rings the dinner bell!
Panel 16: At the start of the feast, Lucas has a speech.
Panel 17: Cadugan tells him to shut up and pour the wine already!
Panel 18: Gaggia agrees “CHEERS, You drink the good stuff while I enjoy this grape juice!”
Panel 19: Maran serves the wine, Blan and Chikka are suitably appreciative.
Panel 20: Louis exclaims that this is the best food he’s ever tasted.
Panel 21: Princess Glonda tell Prince Mauler off for not using the utensils in a polite, Human fasion.
Panel 22: Master Blan Smitharm proposes a toast with a moving speech about how proud he is of his two sons and how well they’ve done for themselves. Everyone is touched and emotional.
Panel 23: Ibkis, Gaggia and Leslie O’Mason lead the littler kids off to nap in a big guest room.
Panel 24: The little kids are wiped out and fall sleep almost instantly. The fox curls up with them.
Panel 25: The PARTY STARTS!! Musicians fill the hall with lively tunes.
Panel 26: Flannet Hunter teaches Maula Bloodhand and Philippa Steward a Matriarch’s jig she learned from the Halflings.
Panel 27: Lucas and Cadugan cut a rug at the couple’s dance.
Panel 28: Charles encourages Louis to ask Martha Smitharm to be his dance partner for the next one.
Panel 29: Apparently Martha agreed, and the kids dance together, Charles with Maran, and Stoan with Ibkis.
Panel 30: Delman O’Mason, Blan Smitharm and Eldwig Steward catch Marty and Sebastian making out in a pantry!
Panel 31: Glon dances with Chikka Smitharm and gets to know his step-mother better. Blan Smitharm dances with Maula Bloodhand.
Panel 32: Lucas and Cadugan get the Bloodhand Queens (And Hogga) into a wild can-can type affair.
Panel 33: The Orc Matriarchs perform a Traditional Black Mountain Chorus praising times of peace and friendship.
Panel 34: Glon, Lucas, Delman and Marty sing a raucus song, probably not one about the sausage maker… but the same one they sang years ago at the bar.
Panel 35: The party is declared over, and everyone hugs.
Panel 36: Maran shows the guests to way to their rooms. Blan and Chikka Smitharm are surprised at this additional hospitality.
Panel 37: Delman and Leslie O’Mason prepare for the night… without kids!
Panel 38: Marty and Sebastian climb into bed.
Panel 39: Glon and his wives (and Hogga!) snuggle into a big cuddlepile.
Panel 40: The older kids, Charles, Louis, Stoan and Martha, after whispering and giggling for a while… drift off.
Panel 41: Philippa Steward has had a great time and falls asleep with a big smile. Her husband, Eldwig, however, is disgruntled at having to spend a rowdy day in the company of Monsters and the morally lacking peasants.
Panel 42: Blan Smitharm lies awake for a while, thinking about how wonderful everything has become.
Panel 43: Maula Bloodhand sits alone in her room, a candle burning by a painting.
Panel 44: Maula looks sadly at the painting of the Late Baron Owen Greyfort, Glon’s natural father.
Panel 45: A strange gust of wind flickers the candle, but Maula isn’t surprised.
Panel 46: Baron Owen’s ghost greets Maula.
Panel 47: Owen and Maula enjoy their reunion.
Panel 48: It is midnight at Castle Greyfort. Happy Holidays.

This was originally only part one of a two part comic, but I ran out of time to do part two. I may follow it up later sometime.
Anyway, as I said, Happy Holidays.
Rich “BK” Morris