“How old is my Hobbit?” -and other age-related questions in YAFGC.

So, questions and confusion have arisen regarding how old these characters are, considering the last time we saw them (10 years ago in REAL TIME!) they were all young singles and now appear to have aged with children of their own.
I haven’t been giving any meaningful clues about the passage of in-world time considering how often I jump back and forth in their lives and history. So I’ll own up as that which is to blame for this weirdness. So, in an attempt to give you a sense of where things lie in this huge world here’s a list of some of the characters and how old they are in today’s strip’s present.

This isn’t an exhaustive list, just a profile to give you a sense of time-scale. Hope it helps.
Also, in-world, it’s been 13 years since Bob was caught spying on Gren in strip 0001.

Characters who are weirly old and nobody knows how old they are.
Chimera, The Golden Emperor Dragon, The Sphynx of Tempshutep, Lady Marion of Heatherdale, Eddy,
Lewie the Lich, Arachne, Charlotte.

Characters who are considered elders.
Maula Bloodhand (64)

Characters who are considered matured adults.
Roberta (57), Charla & Clover Firelight (55), Jewel the Pocket Bard (55), Flannet Hunter (55)
Naomi Phoenix (50), me (49), Caliph Tambid of Umbril (47), Calipha Vanessa of Umbril (46),
Shawn of Shallmar (46), Lord David (45), C’Rhynne (45)

Characters who are considered ‘adults in their prime’
Trevor Larkin (42), Turg (41), Leland (39), King Eric III of Drostardy (37), Cadugan (37),
Queen Anna of Shallmar (31), Gren Razortooth(31), Glon Bloodhand (30), Duke Lucas of Greyfort (30)

Characters who are considered ‘young adults’
Bob the Beholder (28), Hogga Hobgoblin (23), King Runtherd of Elegrost (22), Ryann Lantendar (21),
Cypress Hunter (21), Yapp Gnarl (20), Ain the Orc (20), Sittica the Drow (20)

Princess Adina of Umbril (19)

Charles Hunter (10)
Prince Mauler Bloodhand (3) and all the other Bloodhand prince and princesses.