Sorry for the delay, and I think it fair to warn you that this may be the last entry of the year.
I’m going to take some time while enjoying the holiday to actually figure out the plan for YAFGC in the coming 12 months. Rest assured there will be lots more YAFGC in 2019. Last few months made it difficult to keep up with my schedule and sorry about that.

In the meantime, amidst this storyline tribute and coproduction to Dave Wilson, the RL version of Lord Dave – from whom YAFGC also begat T-Chall, Darcy and Caelin (And truth be told, Cadugan owes very much to this man), welcome readers Levena and Zac to the cast of kabillions as they assist King Runt on this mighty dangerous mission!

Levena and Zac earned my esteem when they attended Dragoncon dressed up as YAFGC favorites, Lucas and Cadugan!!!
Lucas & Cadugan