Some of you may remember, way back in the beginning of YAFGC, that I did not run this all by myself. My dear wife Hilary aka: Dungeon Master, was the editor and webmistress. Then she kinda disappeared after a while. Well, just to keep you all updated as to where she’s been and what she’s been up to, here’s my chance to boast about her:

She spent the first few years of that time getting her Master’s degree and then the past 4 years getting her PhD! So she’s Doctor Dungeon Master now! And also during that time she found her own literary voice and wrote a whole bunch of novels which got published! And in the brief moments of downtime she carves out for herself between all this accomplishment, she also works as an editor and teaches several classes at the university!

But while we miss her dearly around here, she’s still hugely busy. She’s working on her post-doc and her four or five other jobs while also doing seminars and talks at special events.

So as much as you guys are all very supportive of me and what I accomplish here, she’s the one who’s really doing great things. I’m proud of her and what she’s done and the things that she will do in the future.

EDIT: Some of you have quite naturally asked a few questions about the above post and here are your answers:
DM’s PhD is cross-disciplines regarding material culture. Specifically her dissertation was all about the pre-expulsion Acadians and what could be learned (or better yet: UNlearned) about their culture through the clothing they wore. What made this particularly difficult was that very little of their garments survived because of the acidity of Nova Scotian soil and so she all but invented a way to infer that data from connected surviving artifacts. I helped with some of the illustrations and lighting some of the fiddlier fragments she had to photograph. Really neat stuff and she really wowed her supers!

As for the books she’s written, I’m afraid I cannot go into any more detail at this time for reasons I will not discuss (consider it a sort of legal/professional issue) but I really wanted to let it be known that she’s been busy creating wonderful stories. Sorry to leave you hanging like that but if at some point it becomes feasible for me to spill all that info on this site trust me I’ll be pushing them on this site like I have for other authors.