Well, I’ve officially volunteered to run my daughter’s Jr.High D&D club. Fun times ahead!

Well. YAFGC is two weeks without an update and I am absolutely devastated. I hate when I drop back on it and I apologize. I’m currently unemployed and have been trying to supplement life with commissions, which for the most part don’t cause me these kinds of delays. But I’ve taken on a project that is just eating up my time. Add that to this humid heat wave that’s making me tired and apathetic and … well YAFGC is suffering. I’ll get on it real soon, I promise.

Point is, I’m okay, just busy (and not good busy), hot and annoyed. Hang in there, more YAFGC is on its way real soon.

If you’re reading this and I’m working on a commission for you, it’s not you I promise. Portraits of gaming characters is not the issue. I’m working on illustrations for a personalized kid’s book and it’s a lot more involved (and so is the client).