Sorry this was later, I fogot to upload it last night. Still you’ve got it for the weekend.

Also, as promised, here’s a detailed, accuratish and recent map of Elegrost.
Map of Elegrost
It was originally published in the Artist’s Sketchbook section of one of the YAFGC volumes. Others included older, less accurate maps and some that showed more of the world -but are horribly out of date.

I’m currently working on one that will fit to the north of this one and will detail the Goblin Lands.

-Rich “BeholderKing” Morris

Okay, so, I fixed the Map of Elegrost:(Thanks to Toughluck who pointed out problems with my bridges)
Map of Elegrost 2
And I created a map of the Goblin Lands:(Which lacks some important details I haven’t fleshed out yet.)
Map of Goblin Lands
And then roughly stitched the two together to see what the bigger picture looks like.
Map of Elegrost and GoblinLands

As T’Chall pointed out to Ashantai in the comments, you can see them all big and clear if you right click on them and open them in a new tab.
What think people? Going to use these in your next campaign setting? Hahah