Okay, the Archives and Cast Pages are working again! I, your ever loving cartoonist and writer of YAFGC have managed to overcome the conflict between my dinosaurian anti-technology aura and the confusing morass that is coding and have managed to insert a line in WordPress that allows it to function again!

Special Thanks to my dear wife Hilary “DungeonMaster” and the almighty Justin “Rancourt” for their help and guidance!
Thanks also to all the others of you who also gave your support and suggestions.

AND of course Thanks to all of you lovely readers for being patient with an old man and tenacious enough to keep reading despite my failings.

I love you all.
It may seem like I’m making a big deal out of a simple thing, but really this is such an accomplishment for me. I’ve overcome a fear as well as a hurdle.
-Rich “Beholder King” Morris