As you have probably noticed! We’re doing a massive site overhaul this week (and possibly into next). The long story short is that the site downtime earlier this year was caused by a fundamental incompatibility between our last content management system, Comic CMS and the latest php update. Since Dreamhost removes support for php5 in about a week, this was the time to move back ends — and add in a site revamp at the same time.

You’ll notice some things moving, breaking and being fixed over the course of the next few days as we tweak settings and get the archives re-imported; after the shakedown period, ideally, things will run much more smoothly. Please have patience with us as we get all our content back online, and fix the minor bugs that are bound to crop up here and there as we go.

We now have a comment system on posts and pages! You’ll need to make a (free) posting account, and a user’s first comment will be held in a moderation queue. Once you have a comment approved, however, all your subsequent ones will go through automatically. There is a spam filtering system in place, which I’ll check regularly in case some innocent comments get held. (Sexually crude language or blocks of multiple links will get stopped, for sure.)

Please do bear with us as we continue to unpack the boxes!