Hi gang;
Went quiet again, sorry. Been a rough week. I DO have a strip that was supposed to go up yesterday, but I got really busy with storm prep. Yes, Hurricane Dorian is going to slam us pretty hard today and we fully expect to lose power. So I’m anticipating not having an update ready for Monday. Sorry about that.
Don’t worry, though. We’re well above sea level, we’re sheltered where we are and we’ve taken all sort of precautions including locking down the yard and stocking up on food and water. All we’ve got to do now is wait it out.

See you again soon!

___UPDATE SEPT.10_________
We have POWER!! Bwa-haw haw!
And in even better news, I have tomorrow’s, Friday’s and Monday’s strips ready to upload this evening, assuming the power stays on. Areas near us have been complaining about fluctuations, so fingers crossed we’re back on for good here.