Okay, so an explanation is in order:

As you know (ensign), “Blood Hand: A Lucas & Cadugan Mystery” has been a collaborative chapter in YAFGC.  t! and I planned it, the major plot points, characters, and other stuff out together in the beginning, though I rely a LOT on him because I find Murder Mystery structure to be a bit detail dependant and I’m quite prone to improv and forgetting where I was going with things. So I left t! with a lot of the writing stuff which he has provided wonderfully. Things started to really get bogged down, however, when I became busy and unable to dedicate the time required to draw and post strips regularly, and would often surprise t! with suddenly announcing to him unawares that I had caught up with his scripts and needed MOAR!

Now t! is awesome and provided! But he also has a life, and gets busy, so sometimes the delay of a day or two might have been because I was waiting for him. Which was much rarer.

Anywhoo, I find myself in a situation where I have a decent amount of time to actually work on YAFGC comics, but it is t! who has gotten very busy with an important project. (He’s mid-run on a production of Much Ado About Nothing, then taking a much-deserved vacation trip.) t! suggested that we put a story-break in the “Murder Mystery” for now and I can indulge in another story I’ve had planned. So rest assured that “Blood Hand”, Lucas & Cadugan will be back to solve this  mystery. But as of Monday, we’ll be visiting with some other characters for a bit.

Thank you all for your continued patience and coming back time and again. I hope that there will be at least a little bit of regular YAFGC in the near future.

-Rich “BK” Morris

This goes here:

Richard graciously gave me the opportunity to write my own little blurb in the editorial section. I didn’t really think of anything.

All I really want people to know is that I’ve appreciated your support; it means a lot. Thanks. And this story WILL be back soon!


I hope it pleases everyone to hear that I am already 5 strips into the new story, starting Monday. \