And I’m back again, after another prolonged neglectful absence. If you’re still here waiting, thank you. I’m sorry again about having disappeared.  I’m fine. Health is good. Family’s good. But, I got some contracts, life changed again, kids get older, their schedules and needs change, and so I have to keep renegotiating places in my life to do my fun hobbies.

I’ve got this week’s worth of strips done, based on t!’s wonderful scripts, though he’ll be the first to tell you this one isn’t …. exactly as written.

The original version of this was written with the gamblers all in a group like in the end of strip 3539, with looks silently being exchanged between them. And… well I think t! overestimated my abilities, because the first two attempts at this  were just a series of distant crowds and you could hardly tell the differences between them, let alone read expressions. As it is, I don’t know if you can tell what they’re supposed to be ‘saying’ to eachother. But, have a guess anyway. There might be clues and things in the expressions.

Sorry for the long delay again, to all of you and especially to t!. Please stick around, as there’s lots more story to tell.

-Rich “Beholder King” Morris