Apologies for the site disappearing earlier.

It seems that Dreamhost has decided once again that YAFGC is taking up a dangerous amount of their resources and disabled it temporarily. I’m in talks with them YET AGAIN to find out what they want me to fix, and hopefully it will stay up until the next time they decide I’m not able to maintain it properly.

If the site disappears again soon, please don’t panic, I’m trying to stabilize the site again, and there will be more YAFGC updates soon. I’m just in a state of busy what with having got back from a holiday recently and now the kids are starting school today and my wife and I are starting back up in our jobs for the year.

I have not giving up on YAFGC and there’s lots more story to tell. Especially here with Lucas and Cadugan solving the mystery!!!  😀

-Rich “BK” Morris

EDIT: (Sunday Sept.18)

I just uploaded an entire week’s worth of YAFGC UPDATES!  Starting tomorrow there’s going to be a week’s worth of regular posts, and I’ve got a week’s worth to upload for next week as well! Thanks for your patience, hopefully we can keep this momentum rolling!

-Rich “BK” Morris