Reader “OldSkoolGeek” has asked me: “So will you give us a full listing of the nascent pantheon and their domains?”

So here’s the list:
Early(ish) in the 3rd Age (The Age of the Elves) the first “Council of Elves” or “Council of 10” was formed. In it the King assigned ‘provinces’ to the 9 Ministers.

1: I’Aran: The One, or The King. Leader of the Council of Ten. Became the King of the Gods in later times. He’s largely only lip-serviced now and remembered as Legend.

2: Sith’mel: Minister of Love. She is the ancestor of the High Elves. She too is more remembered than worshipped, and she is a symbol of acceptance and unification to the High Elves.

3: Maenas: Mister of Art (visual arts that is, like painting and sculpture). He is the ancestor of the Grey Elves. Most of the Elves have forgotten him but the Grey Elves still pray to him.

4: M’Arion: Minister of Music (and by extension, Song). Became the first Muse. She shrugged off the burden of goddessness early on and prefers to travel about creating and listening to music. She is left off of most lists as she never really became a ‘proper formal goddess’ with shrines and icons. Some use different spellings or assume she’s a totally different and forgotten person.

5: Nen: Minister of Water (and later, Storms). He is the ancestor of the Aquatic Elves. He is worshipped exclusively by them in huge underwater shrines.

6: Lolth: Minister of Power. The definition of this is sketchy. I’Aran trusted her with such things as warmth, light, kinetics and things that make other things move. But Lolth quickly learned to joys of being able to control and dominate. She is the ancestor of the Drow. She is reviled by most gods and remembered in legend as a figure of evil. Only the Drow actively worship her.

7: Scorpii: Minister of Entropy. Like his sister, Lolth, Scorpii deliberately misinterpreted his province. He was entrusted with such things as rest, the end of life, death and the afterlife. But he ran with death, dying and developed the first poisons, which he was later worshipped for. The God of Poison and disease. He was the ancestor of the Scorpii who are now believed to be extinct. Pretty much only the Drow and possibly any surviving pockets of Scorpii even remember him.

8: Rodyn: Minister of Peace. Originally given the province of peaceful resolution of conflict, she discovered that she enjoyed war a lot more. She and her two siblings Lolth and Scorpii stirred up a lot of crap among the Elves and were later exiled. In exile they started battling amongst themselves, frequently nearly wiping eachother’s followers out. She is the ancestor of the Dark Elves. Like Scorpii, she isn’t even remembered by non-Dark Elves other than the Drow and the Scorpii. Her worship had always been thin and in later times her ‘province’ was spread to other gods worshipped by other groups.

9: Cuil’man: Minister of Life (life energy, spirits). He took to the plants and enjoyed living wild among the trees. From him are descended forest folk (Fauns, Dryads, etc) and the Wood Elves. Some accounts pair him up with M’Arion from whom are supposedly descended the fae (Pixies, sprites, and fairies). But there are gaps in the legends as many have forgotten that M’Arion was even part of that group or is that old. And of course, M’Arion ain’t tellin’. Nobody’s sure if the forest or fae folk worship Cuil’man or not. But occasionally a very powerful Centaur or Hybsil or Faun will appear in their times of need and historians postulate that he’s still out there in the woods.

10: Aiwenor: Minister of Air & Sky. Nobody really understands this particular province. Why is she in charge of “up?” As it happens, she is possibly one of the most powerful of the gods of this pantheon, with influence over the wind, the rain, erosion, oxygen…. and is often in mythology either paired up with or in conflict with Nen. She’s also the ancestor of the Winged Elves who live up in the mountains (and yes, you’ve never seen them before!). So much overlap is there between Aiwenor and Nen, that most Elves -apart from the Winged and Aquatic Elves- believe that he’s probably the same person and the actual number of the Council of 10 is 9.

Keep in mind that some of this information changed while I was writing it.
-Rich “BK” Morris