Wow, hacker-person. Thanks for the changes you made here. That’s…. that’s pretty funny.

It’s not like I don’t have other things to worry about y’know…. updating this site, taking care of my family, trying to keep us all alive and safe.

Kind of you to give me a new difficult thing to work on.

Thanks a fucking bunch.

Oh god. You know what? I’m too mentally exhausted to bother. What with the isolation/pandemic shit that’s going on and the shootings nearby this past weekend, trying to come up with ways to educate/stimulate/entertain two kids all the time and feeling like I’m going nowhere, I just don’t have the motivation to try to sort out the shit this hacker did to the site. This was a place I retreated to when I wanted to feel like I was doing something and it’s been invaded and crapped all over. I can’t right now.
I’ll fix it sometime and start updating again but I just want to crawl away and cry right now. And I’ve got too much to do. I’m sorry readers. I’ll get back to you when I’m able to pull it more together.

Okay… so I wasn’t hacked. Apparently it was a browser cache issue that was distorting my website on my browser. Thank goodness for having a second computer on hand to check it with. I’m losing it here people! ARgh.