Hello my lovelies, and AAAAGHH!!!

Okay, so once again I fell a bit behind with my updates, I’m sorry. But life has a habit of throwing things into a spaghetti pit. Allow me to explain:

So, recently you all heard that my contract at Oasis Animation had run out and I was once again unemployed for an unknown period of time (a hazard of the animation industry, I’m afraid. One tries to get used to it. But one doesn’t.) So I was able to spend more time doing site maintenance and trying to get my portfolio and things updated and streamlined so that I might be employable. I also reactivated my file at a temp agency. And against my previous experiences, they set me up to work at a financial aid office IMMEDIATELY, a job which bore no resemblance to anything I’d done before (and bore actual real time consequences if I got anything wrong! HIGH ANXIETY)

We prepared for a trip away to visit the in-laws for Passover, but the DAY BEFORE WE LEFT, as you know, our beloved Regina passed away in our arms and we barely had time to mourn before we had ourselves packed into a germ-tube (airplane) to fly under high anxiety to a city known to be rampant with COVID. Our stay was actually pretty good.

Upon return and trying to get myself used to my temp position as a financial aid clerk, I got unexpectedly called by a local animation studio with an offer of potentially three consecutive contracts in a row!!! Starting IMMEDIATELY! So unable to bring myself to just WALK OUT on the financial aid agency, I took on the first of these contracts -the smallest and least formal of the three- on my own time. Which I’m afraid is actually also YAFGC time.

So I went from unemployed to working two COMPLETELY DIFFERENT jobs. So I intend to keep up with YAFGC, I’ll do my best to keep the ball rolling. Once things pick up at the animation studio, I’ll bow out of the temp position, which will give me more time for YAFGC, but I promise you, I’ll try to keep up with everything while I can. I love YAFGC and you all.

Thanks for your continued patience. You guys are the best!
-Rich “BK” Morris