Hi all and sundry!
As you may have noticed, I’m behind on my updates again. This is not because I’ve been attempting this new inking and shading technique, but rather because I started a new storyboarding contract with an animation studio last week and I’m trying to get used to being on an actual full-time schedule again. Many apologies to my readers, my cowriter (t!) and even -if you’ll forgive a bit of weirdness- to my characters for leaving you all suspended like this. I promise I’ll be getting back to it soon. I love drawing and writing this comic, so no fear that it’ll ever be abandoned for long, as you long-time readers well know from this happening from time to time and for you new readers, welcome, be patient, I’ll keep it going as soon as my life finds equilibrium again.
-Rich “BK” Morris

Karine & Rich - Board Artists
EEEEE! So, as mentioned above, I’m now working as a board artist again. But this is a kettle of a different colour… or…something like that.
This time around, my supervisor (and co-boardartist) is none other than Karine “Kanthara” Charlebois, a reader you’ll see in the comments from time to time and a friend of mine since…. Lessee…
We met in Montreal at a studio called CINAR back in the mid-late 1990’s. I was a character/prop designer and she was a Storyboard Revisionist.

She drew the above adorable toon! Here’s a link to her portfolio, she’s pretty amazing. Kanthara Draws

We became good friends then and have remained so ever since, having gotten together for movies nights, RPGs (Among many others, she played Roberta the Halfling in the old “Legends” campaign), we cowrote comics and stories together…. Even after I moved out of the province, we still catch up at Karine’s annual Christmas Party.

Anyway, in the past quarter century or so of strong friendship and collaborations, this is the VERY FIRST TIME our names will appear together in the same department on the same show! Karine is as excited by this as I am! YAAAAY!!!! Thanks for making this happen, Karine! 😀 <3 Also, our director is the same guy who directed Arthur all those years ago when we first met. So the three of is were in a rough review meeting all day yesterday and it was a HOOT! YAY! Life = good! -Rich "Excited and Happy Behold King" Morris ------------------ Jennet Alexander
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