I see that a discussion about YAFGC’s history has arisen due to recent events. So to clear a few little things up – or perhaps, to stir up confusion – I will now give you a small timeline of events as taken from my own complicated series of charts and histories I put together in my YAFGC Silmarillion.

In World, these would be facts taught to students of history at the best universities (Like in Tempul. Of our familiar characters, possibly only Eddy, Gaggia and Trevor the Little Librarian would really know this level of info. Estimates in parenthesis are not exact.)

The 5th Age – the Age of Legends

5/1650-1680 (More than 1000 years ago)
Ch’Thier entombs her own and Ranna’s flesh forms after a major war between their people.

The Quest I -The evil god Abynn tries to rise, but 13 heroes put him back down.

The 6th Age – The Age of Heroes.

6/mid 200’s (About 300+ years ago)
The area that becomes Elegrost is invaded by Nordsmen. Ata is teleported into Ruun.

6/560 (About 150 years ago)
Queen Glamor is banished from Elegrost (Torvid Mak is killed)

6/581 (About 130 years ago)
The Quest II – Eric I leads the Quest to prevent the 2nd attempted rise of Abynn. He falls into the portal and disappears.

6/683 (About 30 years ago)
Vanessa leads a war against the Rannites (Ranna hasn’t risen, but is trying to use her kids to rule the world)

6/701 (About 12 years ago)
Ch’Thier argues with Gruuumsh about where Glon should go after death.
Also, Slissy and her party remove the Hand from Ranna’s Tomb.

The 7th Age – The Age of Cooperation

7-0 (About 9 years ago)
Lewie finds Ata and Dewcup in Ruun.

7-6 (About 3 years ago)
Charlotte/Ranna ‘awakens’ in the Lost Valley.

The 8th Age – The Age of Darkness

8-0 (Present)
Ranna destroys the Black Mountain.
Torvid Mak rises again.
King Eric I returns.

These dates do have problems, however. Scholars are in disagreement about whether the 7th Age counts as an Age and shouldn’t just be grouped into the 6th and have both renamed. Similarly, it remains to be seen whether the 8th Age will last long enough to count as an Age at all. So… these may change.

Some scholars are accusing other scholars of being a bit too “Age” happy and other scholars are telling some scholars to “get stuffed”. So we’ll have to see how this plays out.
-Rich “Beholder King” Morris