A few things:

1: Sorry for the delay. I got busy this weekend and didnt’ get around to putting this strip up on Friday, sorry about that. Hope all you fathers had a great Father’s Day! I sure did! We made a weekend out of it where I got treated like a king on Saturday and ran a D&D session on Sunday! AWWWESOME!!!

2: Yeah, I realize Urzal looks gigantic in this panel. She’s just supposed to be on the other side of a small hill. It looked great until I put the academy building in the background and didn’t realize it until it was posted and too late to change it. So, she’s not some amazing shape-shifting giant half-orc, she’s just a victim of forced perspective.

3: It’s “Genosha Sequence” update day on Rich’s Comix Blog! the Stargate SG1/Young Avengers AU mashup story written by Ardatli! Go check it out!