Yup. I’m open for commissions.

$15 for a pencil drawing.
$20 for an inked drawing.
$40 for a coloured drawing.

What I WILL do:
Drawings of any of my own characters from YAFGC, House of Paulus or anything else from the Comix Blog
Fandom characters: Star Trek, Doctor Who, Marvel, DC, Disney, Arthur, video games, whatever -show me reference and I’ll draw it.
Original characters: D&D, fanfiction, your literary creations, etc.
Caricatures/portraits of you or your friends in whatever situations.

A SHORT comic idea. 1-4 panel strips ($30.00 -that’s more than one drawing there.) a full 8 panel page ($60.00) anything between is negotiable.
Illustrations for a story. (Drawings charged separately)
Sexy situations are okay, I’ll do some nudity.

***What I WILL NOT do.***
Sexist or racist stuff.
Hard core, explicit sex scenes.
Overly politically charged material.

I will not draw out your 500 page graphic novel epic story idea. I’ve always got a few of my own on the go and the muse is a fickle beast.

Anything else, including pricing, is negotiable depending on amount of work needed or the content.
Shoot me a note!