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The New Adventures of Doctor Who RPG
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Author:  DoctorParadox [ Thu Apr 07, 2011 1:41 pm ]
Post subject:  The New Adventures of Doctor Who RPG

What if in 1994 the doctor had regenerated? In 1994 a group of rpers did this by creating the NADW. Each week they would rp and now they are currently looking for new people to join. Here is the website to look at and join. Currently it will get an upgrade this summer but for now this is the current site.

The seventh doctor lands on the planet Taris and goes out having received a communication from a time traveler in need of help. The doctor went out without his companions knowing this would be dangerous and no place for inexperienced new companions. The doctor meets a time archeologist who wished to escavate a relic known as the sphere of taris. A rare find that would be in the museum one day. The doctor gladly helps but wonders about why he was summoned here when they are attacked by an android. The archeologist tells him its a misunderstanding and the android will not listen. Though when they get to the temple the doctor figures out that the time archeologist is not one but a time bandit after the sphere of chronos and this was really chrona not taris as he was led to beleve. The android was a time detective after the time bandit. The doctor and time bandit wrestle with the sphere and the time bandit dies but the doctor nears his regeneration because of the old age for the sphere could not reverse the process. The doctor goes back to the tardis where he regenerates into a new doctor.

check out a cool trailer I created to advertise the group.

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